Hydronic Heating

If you are looking for a money saving and efficient way to heat your home, look no further than Hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating has been used as a form of central heating throughout Europe for almost a century. This efficient heating system relies on natural gas, LPG, off peak electricity or solid fuel to heat water in a boiler, which is then passed through piping laid out throughout your home.
This piping leads to convectors (or radiator panels) strategically located in various zones.

You can choose to heat rooms independently or use the zoning to heat whole areas of your home at once.  This efficient system saves on your energy bill and provides a stable and reliable way to heat your home.

We can install or repair a range of Hydronic heating systems, can link in your solar hot water systems rather than using a separate boiler and can install other hydronic appliances such as underfloor heating, towel rails and radiators.

We only use quality brands: